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Lake Como Wedding Venues

Lake Como weddings offer a refined backdrop for a romantic and stylish big day. A blue lake on which noble and ancient villages are reflected. Along its shores, here and there, leaning against its crown of hills, patrician houses appear in their Nineteenth-Century splendor.

Romantic and elegant, Lake Como have always inspired poets, artists and also contemporary actors and singers are attracted by the beauty of this lake steeped in a timeless atmosphere which is so well introduced by the elegance of Gwen Stefany's video "Cool". Plan your weddings in Lake Como and share the passion that George Clooney, Matt Bellamy, Richard Branson and many other vip feel for this dramatic Italian Lake.

Wedding Venues in Lake Como

Cheap and Chic, Lake Como wedding planner, includes plenty of fantastic venues available in all areas of Lake Como for a dramatic wedding ceremony and a delightful and delicious wedding reception.
Our destination catalog covers the most beautiful spots in Lake Como such as Varenna, Bellagio, Lenno, Como, Tremezzo, Laglio and many other wonderful locations.

Here below you can find a limited selection of our Lake Como wedding venues list.

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