• Wedding Planner Italian Riviera

Wedding Planner Italian Riviera

Whether you are considering the rustic and uncontaminated setting of a Cinque Terre wedding or the stylish backdrop of a Portofino wedding, Italian Riviera is an ideal choice for sea weddings in italy on a budget. This region stretches like a narrow ribbon on the coastal strip between France and Tuscany dotted with lovely and colorful towns, quaint villages unchanged for hundreds of years; once inhabited only by fishermen with the narrow carrugi and the houses with painted facade and also endless of golden beaches and wonderful bathing establishments. Among these picturesque human settlements an extraordinary and unspoiled nature will conquer you; woods, olive groves, terraced vineyards (vigne terrazzate), aromatic herbs will be the fascinating backdrop of your unique Wedding. 

Cheap and Chic, Italian Riviera wedding planner, cover all top wedding destinations in Italian Riviera from the French border to the Gulf of Poets. Explore the many stunning Italian Riviera wedding venues included in our catalogue.

Absolutely for
Romantic weddings with authentic Italian charme. A Relaxing Big Day with everyhing within walking distance.

Wow factor
Catholic weddings performed in the stunning Church of San Pietro on Portovenere cliff at the very end of the promenade.

Settings - Civil weddings
Civil ceremonies in the terraces of the historical castles of Portovenere and Lerici. Outdoor ceremonies also at Zoagli and Riomaggiore wedding Halls. Camogli, Sestri Levante, Santa Margherita Ligure, Vernazza and many other destinations.

Settings - Religious and Symbolic weddings
Catholic weddings in splendid Churches and Chapel overlooking the sea. Symbolic and Protestant Blessings: at private villas or luxury hotels.

Settings - Wedding receptions
Luxury hotels, private villas, manicured gardens with blue sea glimpses, water front traditional restaurants and candle light restaurants in tiny bays, Cinque Terre weddings receptions in outdoor Medieval towers. Local cuisine will surprise you; not only all sorts of fresh seafood, but also vegetables and aromatic herbs that grow wild on the hillsides.

The airport of Genoa is located in the middle of Italian Riviera and it is ideal for Portofino wedding (Portofino, Camogli, Santa Margherita, Zoagli Sestri..); for weddings in the East side of Italian Riviera (Portovenere, Lerici, Cinque Terre..) choose Pisa airport; for weddings in the West side of Italian Riviera (Sanremo, Alassio..) the airport of Nice in France is the closest option.

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