• Portofino Wedding

Portofino Wedding

The bay of Portofino is one of the most extraordinary locations for stylish Italian Riviera weddings. Its cobalt inlet that is broken in a phenomenal green mosaic, the mountain dotted with villas and castles, sun colored buildings, the famous square that slowly sets over the sea, the Church di San Martino which stands out in yellow and white halfway up the hill not far from the Portofino austere Sixteenth century fortress of Castello Brown wedding, after the name of the consul of England, who owned the property at the end of the nineteenth century; the little port with boats and luxury yachts: the air of a private hall separated from reality. A romantic paradise, a small village that stretches like an arch of moon around a brimful basin, Guy de Maupassant wrote in 1889. This is the magic of a wedding in Portofino!

A Portofino wedding does not look suitable for an affordable wedding but this is indeed feasible for Cheap and Chic's Italian Riviera wedding planner; and if Portofino hotels and restaurants can be very expansive you just need to move a few miles away to enjoy spectacular villages which share the same wonderful sea and panorama: a Santa Margerita Ligure wedding in the wonderful Church overlooking the bay, or a Civil wedding in Camogli near Genoa, a pictureque fishermen village on the other side of Portofino mountain with a delightful pedestrian promenade.

Portofino wedding venues

Cheap and Chic, Portofino wedding planner, arranges impeccable budget weddings in plenty of gorgeous venues available in Portofino region; Santa Margherita Ligure, Camogli, Genoa are just some of the Italian Riviera destination weddings included in our catalogue.

Here below you can find a limited selection of venues suitable for flawless and affordable Portofino wedding.

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