Venice Catholic Wedding

  • Ceremonies
    Only available for Catholic weddings in Venice
  • Where
    In a hidden and quiet area close to Ponte di Rialto
  • When
    All days of the week
  • How Many
    Up to 80 guests.
  • Setting
    The masterpiece of Pietro Lombardo one of the finest Italian sculptors and architects of the XV Century. The first example of Venetian Renaissance style.
  • Music
    Sacred music only
  • Best Period
    All year round.
  • Cheap and Chic Advice
    Very well positioned and reachable by boat; the most perfect Church for your wedding in Venice Italy.

This Renaissance Church is a fabulous option for a Venice Catholic wedding. It has indeed a great value both from an historical perspective and for the sentimental value that the Venetians confer it. Unlike all the other churches in Venice which are the result of numerous overlapping of styles, it was founded more recently and designed in Venetian Renaissance architecture by Pietro Lombardo in the XV Century.

Thanks to its architecture, its position (close to Ponte Rialto) and the possibility to reach the Church by the water, this Church is our favorite venue for Catholic weddings in Venice!

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