Wedding in Vatican City

  • Ceremonies
    Only Catholic weddings in Vatican.
  • Where
    Right behind a gate of Vatican city, a few steps from St Peter’s square.
  • When
    All days of the week.
  • How Many
    Up to 80 guests.
  • Setting
    Precious, intimate and very ornate.
  • Music
    Sacred music only.
  • Best Period
    All year round.
  • Cheap and Chic Advice
    A few steps from St Peter’s square, live the fascination of a Catholic wedding in Vatican city.

Catholic Weddings in Vatican city can be celebrated in this suggestive Church located just beyond the Vatican walls and a few step from the Pope residence.

It was built in the XVI Century and it is the first example in Rome of a Church with an elliptical plan and under the influence of the Baroque style, the interior is adorned with lavish decorations and plenty of gilt and stucco. Live the spirituality and fascination of a Catholic Vatican wedding: heart of the Roman Catholic Church.

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